“Critical Mass” (Feature, Dark Comedy/Thriller) - An obsessed fanboy of a cartoon show kidnaps a film critic to coerce her into writing a positive review of its movie adaptation.

“The Graveyard Shift” (Feature, Horror/Comedy)
– At an office, a night watchman who lives with his parents sees a ghost on his surveillance feed and uncovers sinister details about his employer.
(Written by Tom Radovich / Story by Michael Price & Tom Radovich)
View Trailer for “The Graveyard Shift” proof-of-concept short film:

“Red Velvet” (Feature, Supernatural Comedy)
– A pious, small town baker discovers that a millennial’s red velvet cake puts all who eat it under the power of a demon.

“The Crag” (Feature, Dark Comedy/Satire)
– After a diabetic’s cherished trophy from a children’s game show is stolen, a homeless mother and son PI team pull out all the stops to find it.

“Mortis” (Feature, Comedy)
– A high school goth, who constantly fails at suicide, forms a terrible band with his friends while courting his crush.
See “Mortis” Table Read on the Second City stage in Chicago, IL:

“Double Bogey” (Feature, Sports Comedy)
- Two high school graduates face off in a miniature golf tournament, vowing to win the life-changing prize money of $500.

“Split Up” (Half Hour TV Pilot, Comedy/Slasher)
– On the edge of separation, a husband and wife put off their divorce to get revenge on the slasher who killed their promiscuous daughter.


My comedy/thriller screenplay Critical Mass is a comedy semifinalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival.

My supernatural comedy screenplay Red Velvet was awarded the following honors:
- 2nd Place- 2nd Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Comedy Writing Contest (Los Angeles, CA)
- Top 13 Finalist- Stage 32 Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest (Los Angeles, CA)
- Semifinalist- 2017 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest (Los Angeles, CA)
- Horror Quarterfinalist- 2016 Slamdance Film Festival (Park City, UT)
- Finalist: 2016 Shriekfest International Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

- Finalist: 12th Annual Omaha Film Festival (Omaha, NE)

My high school comedy screenplay Mortis (aka Machina) won the following awards:

-Grand Prize: 2017 Second City Training Center Comedy Screenplay Contest
-Comedy Finalist: 2015 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards (Hollywood, CA)
-Best Feature Screenplay: 6th Annual SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival (Providence, RI)
-1st Place: Comedy category: 6th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest (Woodland Hills, CA)
-Top 10 Finalist: 2013 ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest (Los Angeles, CA)


Tom Radovich is a screenwriter/producer in Los Angeles, California. Raised in the small town of Stillman Valley, IL, his major filmmaking influences include Mel Brooks, John Hughes, Chuck Jones, Steven Spielberg, Gore Verbinski, and Chris Columbus.

Tom graduated Summa Cum Laude at Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) in Film & Video in 2011.

He graduated Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with an MFA in Writing for the Screen. He interned for Atomic Monster Productions in Summer 2017 and Blumhouse Productions in Spring 2018. He currently is a temp Office PA at Blumhouse.

He has experience as a screenwriter, director, producer, cinematographer, sound designer, editor, and assistant director. Comedy is in Tom’s blood but regardless of the genre, he takes on every project with integrity, enthusiasm, and high standards.

The Graveyard Shift [dir Michael Price]
Producer, Co-Writer, Assistant Director (May 2018)

[dir Grant Zizzo]
Producer, Co-Writer (May 2018)

[dir Michael Price]
Co-Writer, Producer, Assistant Director (April 2016)

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