Sunny California is an epic story of a small step forward.  It is the story of adolescence, of being old enough to know everything, but too young to drive. 

Derrick, soon to be 16, has sold himself on the dream of California, his promised land where everything goes exactly how he wants, and he gets to be with the one person who means the most: his mother.  When he gets suspended from school and his grandfather punishes him, Derrick decides to make his California dream a reality and runs away.  But when he asks the wrong man for a ride, Derrick learns that the world is a bigger, meaner place than he thought, and that your true family are the people who are there to care for you.


The Players

Henri Joyal – Derrick Lawrence


Miaken Kristola – Joanne LaGrange


Andrew Strenk – Donny Dix


Richard Burke – John Lawrence


With special appearances by Charlie Titche and Patrick Lile


The Makers

Writer/Director/Executive Producer – Neil Blakemore

Producer – Zach Mehrbach

Associate Producer – James Cole

Cinematographer – Nich Musco

Production Design/Graphic Design – Zach Harris


Assistant Director – Patrick Lile

Editor – Matthias Kettler

And many more – for a complete list watch the film!