Artist Info & Statement

Erika creates artwork that express her love of culture, music and everyday life. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan she spent most of her summers taking art classes at the College for Creative Studies. She finally discovered her passion for oil/acrylic painting at the University of Michigan where she obtained her BFA in 2002.

“After graduating in 2002, I began painting for leisure but my family and friends were really inspired by my work. After realizing this, I decided I wanted to begin sharing my artwork with everyone. I feel in sharing my artwork, I’m not only sharing my creativity, but a part of myself as well. It’s my form of expression.

Almost every piece of artwork I create has an influence or story behind it. Everything from culture, music, the cityscape of downtown Detroit and personal experiences inspire my work. As I continue to express my emotions on canvas, my ideas always evolve and change. I try to challenge myself more with each piece. My feelings impact the colors and styles I use to reflect what I want to communicate through my work.”

Besides personal feelings and experiences, Erika’s influences also includes other artists such as Frida Kahlo, Jon Onye Lockard, Donald Calloway Jr. and Tyree Guyton. Through her artwork, Erika hopes to share her talent and inspire others as well as create an awareness and recognition of women within the Fine Arts.