As a native of Chicago, Clifford Asbury is a product of an inner-city environment. Clifford attended and graduated from Senn Metro Academy in 1986. Instead of going directly to college, he opted to work a full- time job. After taking a four- year break, Clifford continued his education at Truman College. 


In 1992, He graduated from Truman College with a Marketing degree. Then two years later, Clifford received a Bachelor Degree from Chicago State University. He self- financed and completed both these degrees within four- years.


During that four- year span, Clifford worked in the mortgage/ banking industry and built a successful career. That career lasted for close to two- decades until the industry collapsed (2007). It was a bittersweet time in his life because one chapter of Clifford’s life was ending as the pursuit of a childhood dream was beginning.


This dream began with his parents’ marriage, a union that broke the miscegenation laws of America. From that marriage came three girls and Clifford. His father was an African- American man that mastered the art of storytelling. Cliff, Sr. was born on December 19, 1903, and saw a lot in his lifetime. As the youngest and the only male left to carry on the Asbury legacy- Clifford’s Dad made sure, he knew the family’s history. This history was handed down through his father’s fascinating folktales. Those stories made Clifford’s imagination run wild, igniting his passion for History and African- American literature; which was his undergraduate concentration at Chicago State University.


After graduating from Chicago State, Clifford was accepted into a master program in Boston. However, as a newlywed that was expecting his first son, He opted to provide for his family by continuing his career path. This path allowed Clifford to support his family for close to two- decades. He was living the American dream, but something was missing. He was looking to fulfill that burning desire that his Father’s stories created and pass that desire onto others. 


That desire to create brought Clifford full circle, leading him back to Columbia College Chicago in pursuit of a post-bachelor degree in film/video.  Then to Full Sail University where he received an MFA in creative writing. He realized in order to achieve a childhood dream that he put on hold. And, make this dream a reality; he had to invest in himself and his craft. This need to create was all sparked by his Father’s stories that never burned out.